Review of Netgear N750 Wi-Fi Gigabit Routerlogin WNDR4300

By | May 21, 2018

The Netgear Routerlogin N750 wireless dual band router, WNDR4300 checks out to be reliable, rarely drops connections, includes secure configured Wi-Fi automatically, and delivers buffering-free video and audio streaming throughout average-sized homes, flats, and apartments.

Its Genie web interface supplies browser access to the exhaustive set of configuration options, and since its state-of-the-art wireless security is enabled right from the box; you need not worry over creating an insecure wireless reference to it.

We bought the WNDR4300 on eBay for use as an extra wireless router. While it’s definitely less sophisticated than our Asus AC2488.


Advantages of Netgear N750 Wi-Fi Gigabit Routerlogin WNDR4300

  • Wi-Fi ON/OFF button: If you want to temporarily disable wireless operations, you are able to quickly do this by pressing this front-panel button. Then, you are able to turn Wi-Fi back and never having to wait the whole boot-up amount time.

Turning Wi-Fi off essentially converts this Routerlogin into a 4-port gigabit switch, an Ethernet cable connected devices continue communicating through this product using its wireless functionality.

  • WPS activation button: To enter Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) mode, press this front panel button which is easily located for frequent wireless device authorizations.
  • Security event email notification: This router can email a specified current email address with messages and alerts, telling of numerous configurable security events to its logs.

Disadvantages of Netgear N750 Wi-Fi Gigabit Routerlogin WNDR4300

  • No external antennas: This limits the wifi antenna selection option by the user, and maybe the best attainable coverage.
  • No system recovery option: Firmware parameters may be restored if you’ve previously saved a copy of the router’s configuration file.
  • Single WAN support only: So, no load balancing between different WAN networks available with this router.
  • No mention of hardware-based network address translation: This may mean slower Internet performance; particularly within high data traffic applications like video surveillance, or video movie streaming services.


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