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By | May 28, 2018

WPS is a standard for easier access to wireless Netgear Router. WPS stands for the Wi-fi Protected Setup, using this method you can connect to the internet wirelessly. Approach with the help of wifi network and modify the changes with your router from any device connected to the Wi-Fi.

Precautions for Connecting WPS Method

  • To use your device via WPS method, you should confirm whether your device is supporting to WPS method or not.
  • Keep one thing in your knowledge that the devices supporting to the WEP can never support the WPS method. Even if you are seeking to take a trial of connecting WEP supporting device to WPS method, it will not work but may create some problems for you.

So Be Careful to these two facts before going ahead.

Netgear Router Configuration

If you have gone through its precautions then the Netgear Router Configuration will start to establish a connection from your router to your Modem. It is required an Ethernet Cable to be connected between both products (Router & Modem). Your Router will start blinking when you power on their switches. When the blinking LED turns into Stable green, it means your connection is established securely.

Wifi Username and Password

The Wireless username and password are located on the label of your router. It is called the Preset Wireless Security. When your PC requires the Network Security name and Password, you need to use these details.

On the other hand, WPS method automatically detects these details only if you have never modified it. In case, you changed it or the WPS method is asking for Wi-Fi details then you can use these by copying from your Router Label.

WPS Button

The WPS button is located on the back side of your Router. In order to use the WPS method, one should maintain the accurate time. When you Press the WPS button of your router, immediately press the WPS button from your device. Its total time distance should be minimum 2 minutes.


Your Router WPS indicator LED will start blinking when you both are connected.  Follow the instruction on your device. Similarly, you can use several devices to connect to your Router but all the devices should be WPS supporting.

So, you are connected to the Internet, access the main browser and type  it will ask for the username and password that is ‘admin’.  It should be written in small letters. The Netgear Router Password is also written on the back side of your router but router password and Wi-Fi password are distinct to each other, keep on remember this thing:


The accurate Routerlogin details will make you easy to reach Routerlogin Net admin page to modify the changes. Make sure, if you change the wireless network name and password, you should remember this for future login access.

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