What Is The Wireless Security Setting In Netgear Router?

By | June 11, 2018

Being a preferable home network, the Netgear Router has become the popular device. The each and every setting of your Netgear Router is located at Routerlogin.net Home Page. Occasionally, it may appear a need of changing the security settings of your Router. The Wireless Setting on your Router admin page enables you to change the wireless Wifi settings such as network (SSID) name and Password. This can be changed as given below:


The Netgear Router Admin page can be opened on any device whether it is your mobile or computer. The only thing required by the user is the device should be internet accessible. On the other hand, if you are using the Netgear Router as your home network to be connected to your Computer then you must connect the Netgear Router to the Modem. As well as wirelessly connect your Computer to the Internet.



Connect your device to the Router Wifi connection. Mostly the Wifi details are given to the Router’s label that is stuck at the bottom. Using these details you will be connected to the Wifi.


Open the main browser where you can type This is the local IP address used for Netgear Router admin page. In case, the IP address is not getting open on your device, then you can browse http://www.routerlogin.net. The IP address and web address are the alternate details. The user can use any of these two Router Default Addresses.


Type the Netgear Router Password ‘admin’ in small letters. Generally, ‘admin’ is the common username and password used by every Netgear Router users.  If you ever set a new Password then enter the new password.


  • The Routerlogin.net admin page will open
  • Click on the Wireless Setting appearing in the main Menu under the Setup


  • Change the Network Name under the SSID Name
  • Select the WPA2-PSK (AES) under the Security Option
  • Change the passphrase option as a secret password.
  • Click on the Apply to save the changes.

Your PC may get restarted and will automatically disconnect from the Wifi connection. Because, now you have to reconnect the Wifi using the changed Wi-Fi SSID name and password, if you enter the old routerlogin details, it will not scan and automatically show disconnected. So, make sure to use the changed Wifi details.

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