How Do I Update The Firmware Of X4 Accessing Mywifiext.Net?

By | June 11, 2018

To update the firmware using the Netgear X4 range extender, you can either download the latest version visiting the web browser setup or can approach admin page.

Nighthawk X4 Wifi Range Extender is a new range which extends the speed of your Wi-Fi network. Along with extending the speed, you can also make other required changes in the settings including the firmware update. So, if you are already using extender then you can directly approach Step:2. Or if you are the first time user to connect your extender then you can begin the settings from the Step:1

STEP:1 Access

Your router should be connected to the modem and your device. There is a cable you got along with your Router package. This cable you need to connect to your Router and Modem. Insert the Range Extender in the power outlet nearby the router. Power on the switches and connect your router using either WPS or Wi-Fi method.

In your device, you will find your Wi-Fi Network name_EXT. To connect this you will use the security key (Wireless password). It is written on the extender label. Hope you will add the right credentials.


Now, you will open the main browser and enter the IP address in the address bar. You can also enter It depends on your browser. If it does not pick the one address you can put another one.

When it comes to the Mywifiext net login details, you will type ‘admin’ for username and ‘password’ for Password. The mywifiext. net setup page has arrived.

STEP:2 Update the Firmware

You will go to open the Settings.  In which, you will click on the firmware update.

There is an option of ‘Check’. It will find the availability of new firmware version. If it is available then click on this and click on the firmware upgrade.


How To Upgrade The Already Downloaded Firmware

This file you can upload visiting the admin page. Open Settings > Firmware Upgrade > click on browse and upload the file > click on upgrade.

Always remember to click on Save to apply the settings and make sure to follow each step carefully.

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